How I plan on packing for my honeymoon..

I love travel and knowing that i get to go to the Maldives with my future husband gets me more than excited, it gets me jumping up and down almost passing out. Yup im that crazy about the Maldives haha. Now ive been spending quite a lot of time looking around for luggage bags and have actually come across a brand that i really love so much, Now they might not be a males taste but i quite like the vintage feel that these luggage cases give me.


Now yes I do need a lot of packing space because we will be vlogging while on honeymoon so you can imagine how much equipment we will be taking haha ( oh and that means a start of a YouTube channel;) )Anyway i need the space not only for video equipment but for the countless amount of bikinis, rompers and dresses i will be taking with. Oh and who can forget makeup and skin care haha, i will of course put together my go to travel case and leave links to all the products i have in my travel case. Back to the topic of luggage bags haha, you can get bags like theses from  a company called steam line luggage ( link to their web page will be posted at the bottom of the article.)

Now along with a pretty luggage bag, super summery clothing , video equipment and makeup, I will definitely be looking all over on Etsy for newly weds passport covers. ( P.S if anyone knows of a perfect little store that does that please hook a fellow blogger up haha)


I’m a sucker for cute things like that so it is definitely something il be looking into.  Guys there is so much that I will be taking and trying to purchase that i will actually be taking pictures of the packing and link all of the places i got it from in the blog post. You can not believe how excited i am to start buying these things and packing. If you have any other places you would love me to have a look at please mention them in the comments so that hopefully i can support them too.


website for bag company down below

.Much Love.



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